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Consicous Crossroads End-of-Life Services


End of Life Services
"Walking Home Together"


If you've found yourself here, there is a good chance that you're feeling curious, apprehensive, nervous, and perhaps downright fearful. Or perhaps you are feeling determined and empowered, ready to plan your future, with joy and gratitude in your heart. Whatever you're currently feeling, I'd like to tell you that its alright. Whatever your situation, whatever the reason you've found me, welcome. And Thank You. 

I invite you to take a slow, deep breath, and I ask you to thank yourself, for showing up for yourself, or for your loved one, by looking into

End-Of-Life Coaching and Death Doula assistance. 

Conscious (adjective)

1. Characterized by or having an awareness of one's own existence, sensations, and thoughts. Synonym: aware.

2. Mentally perceptive or alert; awake.

3. Capable of thought, will or perception. 

Crossroads (pl. noun)

1. A place where two or more roads meet.

2. A road that crosses a main road, or runs cross-country between main roads.


I choose to arrive at the crossroads between worlds, at the time of my death, with a conscious awareness that I am a divine being of light, a spiritual being, who has been graced with the opportunity to enjoy both the pleasures and pains of a very human experience and is now ready to venture, back home. It is my purpose, pleasure and passion to assist fellow travelers along their journeys. Because like Ram Dass said I really do believe that we are all "just walking each other home".

-Death Doula Danielle

End of Life Services

As we prepare for a conscious death, we automatically begin to live more conscious lives.

End-Of-Life Coaching

Contrary to the name itself, I find that this type of coaching serves us well, regardless of age or current health status. We take a deep dive into five domains of end-of-life: Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and After-Death Care, in order to distill a vision of your "ideal death". We will then take a look at your current reality and together we'll develop action steps to  help you manifest this "ideal death vision" into a real-world experience. I find that when we bring our mortality into the forefront of our awareness and begin planning for a conscious death, we automatically begin to lead more conscious lives.

Death Doula Danielle can help you downsize and organize your material belongings.

Vigil Planning and Holding

In an in-depth Vigil Planning interview, I can help you determine what you will find most comforting and reassuring in your final days and moments. During the Vigil Time (usually the last one to three days of life) I am available to help guide you and your loved ones and caregivers as you implement this Vigil Plan. I will hold this sacred space for you and your loved ones, in whatever way is of most service to you. This may include prayers, music, guided meditations, honoring your specific religious practices, offering gratitude and anointing practices that are free of any specific religious affiliation and helping loved ones say final goodbyes. 

Death Doula Danielle provides Bedside Vigils for the last days of life.

Downsizing & Organizing

When we pack for vacation, we are selective about what items make it into our suitcase. We don't pack our winter coat for a weekend at the beach, or our flip flops to hit the ski slopes. This final journey, dying, the one that I can help you prepare to make, is unique - you can't take anything with you. I can help you downsize and organize your belongings, making things more manageable for your loved ones. This shedding of once-loved, but no longer needed, material objects also allows for a chance to tell stories and reminisce. Legacy projects may unfold during the process as well as finding new opportunities to share sentimental items, often overlooked in legal Will & Testaments, with your beloved family and friends.  


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Let's Connect

I am based in Los Lunas, New Mexico but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I am available to connect with people around the globe through telephone, email, or video call (Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangouts).

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