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Reviews from
Death Doula Danielle's
Past Clients & Loved Ones.

Patty S.

Her Sister transitioned 10/27/2022

Like most people, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a death doula. I was staying with my sister who was dying of cancer. I had a caregiver helping me but felt very alone and afraid having never witnessed a death before and we had no other family. Through a Divine set of circumstances, I landed on doula Danielle’s website and made myself give her a call. She came running, and from the first hug, I knew it would be okay. As my sister’s time drew near, Danielle came to create a safe, peaceful, and loving space to help my sister (and me) let go of her physical body. Since then Danielle has provided readings and ways to cope with the death of a loved one as well as personal phone calls and offers of any help with services and other details. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. If you find yourself needing any kind of help, at any time, with your own or a loved one’s dying process, please give Danielle a call. It was the best thing I ever did.

John W.

His Father transitioned 03/08/2022

His Mother transitioned 08/08/2022

The unexpected loss of my father followed by the rapid decline of my mother were not easy events to witness or comprehend. During those troubled times, Danielle was instrumental in bringing comfort and support to my family along with the understanding of what was happening to my mother prior to her passing.
In a very short time, my mother e
stablished a bond with Danielle that was truly remarkable! The time that they had together meant a great deal to my mother. It is now a beautiful memory that I will always cherish. Danielle continues to be of much help and support as my family and I deal with our loss and grief. Her guidance has been immeasurable. My hope is that others will read this and not try to face the loss of someone alone. And, if necessary, contact Danielle. I am grateful that I did.

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